Taking a Thai Cooking Class

We love cooking together and we love Thai food, so naturally we had to take a Thai cooking class. We chose Siam Rice cooking school in Chiang Mai, and the experience certainly didn’t disappoint.  We opted for the half day option, as the full day course looked like way too much food to be able to eat. We were picked up promptly at 8:30 in the morning, and stopped to pick up 5 other people on the way.

Our first stop was at a local market, where our instructor talked about the different types of fresh ingredients that are staples in Thai cuisine. After she informed us on the ingredients we would be working with, we were then given 15 minutes to explore the market and buy anything that appealed to us.CruisingTheMarket- Thai Cooking Class

We were driven to a nice residence where we all sat around a big table and were able to choose what dishes we wanted to cook. For the half day course, we were able to choose a soup dish, a noodle dish, and a curry.

Making Soup

We began preparing the soup dish first, myself choosing a chicken coconut soup and Robert making a spicy, creamy Tom Yum soup. We were each given a station and the ingredients to make the soup we chose. She then showed us how to prepare each ingredient and group them in order of when to add them in.

HandsomeDevil- Thai Cooking ClassThai Cooking Class Ingredients

Next we took our prepared ingredients to our cooking stations where pots with water and chicken bouillon were waiting. So coached us when to add each of our prepared ingredients and came around to add coconut milk to each of our pots. When we were done we put our soups inside on the table, and immediately went back to prepare our noodle dish. In Thailand, soup and noodles dishes are supposed to be eaten together.

ChickenBouillon- Thai Cooking ClassRachelCookingSoup- Thai Cooking Class

Making Our Noodle Dish

For our noodle dishes, I chose to make Pad Thai and Robert decided on Drunken Noodles. We wanted to choose something different from each other so we could have more dishes to taste as well as learn to replicate back home. We did the same basic concept of preparing the ingredients then grouping them together in order of when to add them to the dish.

HeatingOurWok- Thai Cooking ClassRachelMakingPadThai- Thai Cooking classThisDishIsOnFire- Thai Cooking Class

Making Curry

Making the curry was by far our favorite part of the experience, since we made the curry paste from scratch. We each had a mortar and pestle, and were instructed on which ingredients to take depending on what curry we wanted to make. Robert made a green curry and I chose to make a Panang Curry. After about 10 minutes of grinding our ingredients together, we were finished with our curry paste. We took our curry paste over to our cooking stations, along with other fresh ingredients, and cooked them in a Wok.

CurryIngredients- Thai Cooking ClassRobert&RachelPoundingAway- Thai Cooking classRobertMortar&Pestle- Thai Cooking Class

We were so full after all the dishes we cooked, we ended up taking the majority of our curry back to our guesthouse to eat later. We were given a recipe book to take with us so we could replicate all the dishes we made later one. Taking a thai cooking class was such a fun experience, and we recommend it to anyone visiting Chiang Mai

DrunkenNoodles&TomYum- thai Cooking ClassGreenCurry- Thai Cooking Class

PadThai&TomKai- Thai Cooking Class

PanangCurry- Thai cooking class

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