Spending Christmas in Bangkok

Although it was a lot different than any Christmas we’ve ever had, we had a wonderful and unique Christmas in Bangkok. We were unsure of what we wanted to do exactly, we just knew after almost a month of being on a budget, and eating Thai food everyday, we wanted a big steak dinner! Our motto of the day: “treat yo’ self!”.

Christmas in Bangkok

Crowds of people out and about on Christmas


Our first item of the day was having a delicious lunch consisting of Pizza and Pasta at an Italian Restaurant near our hotel.

Christmas in Bangkok

Delicious Pizza

Paragon Center

We took the BTS (the elevated train) to Paragon Center, a massive 8 story center full of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Christmas music was playing, everyone was wearing santa hats and reindeer antlers, and there were christmas decorations galore.

Christmas in Bangkok

The 3 level BTS station

Christmas in Bangkok

Our Christmas tree

Watching a Movie

We decided to watch a movie, Star Wars being the one we picked of course. All showings were in English with Thai Subtitles, and it was the biggest movie theater we have ever seen. Before every movie is screened in Thailand, everyone must stand as they play the national anthem out of respect for the king. Definitely an interesting thing to be apart of.



Our next order of business was to finally enjoy our steak dinner we had been dreaming about. The center has 1 whole level dedicated to dining, so we had a lot of options to choose from. We each enjoyed a delicious steak and 2 glasses of wine at Sangor Sassi.




After diner, we found a dessert place serving all kinds of unique sweets. We opted to try the Kakigori, a creamy, finely shaved ice with malt powder and chocolate sauce. One of the best desserts we’ve ever had!

Christmas in Bangkok

Amazing Kakigori for dessert

We had a wonderful and unique Christmas in Bangkok, one that we will never forget!



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    January 10, 2016 at 4:30 am

    Amazing! What s great adventure you are having!

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