Pre-Travel Expenses

Here is a complete breakdown of our pre-travel expenses to help others budget and plan for their trip.

Travel Documents

Passport Photos We took our passport photos at CVS and we only had to wait 5 minutes for them to print out. They gave us two photos, which is required when turning in your passport application. $11.99 per person / $24 total

Passports $135 per person / $270 total

Travel Insurance We bought a couple’s world explorer plan for 6 months of coverage from World Nomads. One plus about World Nomads is that we can renew our policy while we are on the road. $676 for a couple

Total Cost for Travel Documents: $970


Los Angeles -> Bangkok We booked our one way tickets from Los Angeles to Bangkok about 5 months in advance. We used skyscanner to find the cheapest days to fly and booked our flights through Expedia. $450 per person / $900 total

Chiang Mai -> Krabi We were originally planning on taking the train down to the south islands but it ended up being cheaper for us to fly directly there. We also booked this flight through Expedia. $55 per person / $110 total

Bangkok -> Denpasar We booked our flights out of Thailand since it is technically required to show proof of onward travel in order to check in for our flights going into the country. We weren’t sure how much they enforce this rule but we didn’t want to take the risk. $156 per person / $312 total

Total Cost for Flights: $1322


Backpacks We tried on almost every backpack available at REI and we both liked the Osprey Farpoint 55L backpack the best. We like that it is front loading instead of top loading, so we can find our stuff better, and comes with a detachable day pack. We purchased our backpacks on Amazon. $160 per person / $320 total

Go Pro and attachments We bought the Hero on Amazon a couple days before our trip and we are so glad we did. We found so far we didn’t really need the upgraded versions, nor the LCD backing. $120 for the Go Pro/ $20 for the attachments


  • First Aid Kit from REI $30
  • 2 TSA approved locks $16
  • Nail Grooming Kit $9
  • 2 Hanging toiletry bags $20
  • 2 set Microfiber travel towel $15
  • Deet Insect Repellent $8
  • 2 Sets of 3 packing cubes + 1 medium packing cube $65

Total Cost for Gear: $623

Pre-Travel Expenses for a Couple: $2915

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