Hiking Roys Peak

Roy’s peak is only a couple of minutes outside of Lake Wanaka, and it offers some of the best views of the southern lakes. Hiking Roys Peak offers 360 degree views that are absolutely spectacular, and they kept getting better with every step we took.


The hike itself is actually through 3 different sheep farms, with plenty of sheep eying us curiously.

Roys Peak

Passing sheep while hiking Roys Peak

Hiking Roys Peak was one of the most strenuous activities we did in New Zealand, climbing 1,578m to the peak. It’s not technically a difficult path to walk on, but it is a constant uphill climb for 3 hours. The pathway meanders back and forth through alpine hills, making the hike longer than we anticipated from the carpark.

hiking roys peak

You can see the meandering path on the bottom right

As soon as we were high enough to be in the clouds, it got so cold our hands were numb. The temperature change was drastic, even in the middle of summer.

hiking roys peak

I was hoping the stick would help

The view at the top is worth the climb, and it’s breathtaking to see the mountains and lakes from so high up. We were planning on eating our lunch at the peak, but it was too cold to stay up there longer than to take a couple quick pictures.

hiking roys peak

The peak was absolutely freezing

The descent back to the carpark was actually more difficult than the hike up to the peak. The path is very steep in some places, and it’s very wearing on your knees and the back of your legs when you are constantly descending. We ended up jogging down most of the way.

hiking roys peak

The steep trail to the Roys Peak

We were thankful we started the hike early in the morning, because the cloud cover burns off by midday. We felt bad for the people that were slowly making their way up in the glaring sun as we were finishing the hike. We felt so accomplished after hiking Roys Peak, but man were we sore the next day.

Hiking Roys Peak

View point about halfway to the top of Roys Peak

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