Highlights from 3 Weeks in Bali

3 Weeks is perfect

3 weeks in Bali was the perfect amount of time for us to see and enjoy the sights and culture. We had some really fun times in Bali, but going once was probably enough for us. We did get heckled quite a bit, especially by taxi drivers and massage places, to the point where it started to drive us a little crazy. That’s not to say everyone will have the same experiences we did. We know quite a few people who have gone to Bali and loved it, so maybe we were just expecting something different. We did have a lot of really memorable experiences though, and the food was delicious. Here are some of the highlights from our 3 weeks in Bali.

Balinese guest house

Outside our guesthouse in Sanur

Spending New Years on Sanur Beach

Sanur beach, bali

On the beaches of Sanur

We walked down to the beach once it was dark and found a beach bar to hangout at for the night. There was a outdoor patio with a spectacular view down the coastline, perfect for viewing fireworks up and down the beach. People were lighting fireworks constantly, a lot of them little kids with firework displays bigger than we were used to back home. Drinking a beer on the beaches of Bali was a perfect way to ring in the New Year, and celebrate our future travels.

Visiting the Monkey Forest

Ubud’s monkey forest was certainly an interesting experience, and honestly a little nerve racking. We’ve never been able to get that close to monkeys, and if you have bananas, they will climb right on you. We chose not to feed them, and were content to just observe them, they are still wild animals and have been known to bite from time to time.

3 weeks in Bali

Monkeys cleaning each other at the Monkey Forest

3 weeks in Bali

Monkey Forest

The monkeys are very curious, and will grab loose items and run off with them. We were just sitting down when a group came up and took a water bottle right out of our hands and ran off with it. We went to pick it up after they had dropped the bottle, but they quickly took it right back from us after they saw we had it again. We also noticed a lot of people blatantly ignoring the signs posted everywhere. There was one couple climbing on the sacred temples and feeding their kid a banana to tempt the monkeys to come sit on them.

3 Weeks in Bali

Don’t be these people

Water Rafting the Ayung River

Water rafting was one of our favorite activities we have done so far. The owner of our guesthouse was able to get us a really good deal on rafting, and arranged for us to get picked up from our room in the morning. We were quickly outfitted with our gear and paired up with a guide and another couple to go down the river with.

rier rafting in bali

Heading down to the river

3 weeks in Bali

Waiting to raft down the Ayung River

We jumped in the water and floated down the river a couple times along the way, and made a pitstop at a beautiful waterfall for some pictures. The trip took about 2 hours to get to our stopping point, and we then had a strenuous 400 stair climb back to the road. We were then treated to a delicious buffet lunch before returning back to our guesthouse. Water rafting was an incredible experience, and one that we can’t wait to do again.



Posing at the waterfall

Our Guesthouse in Ubud

We loved our guesthouse so much we ended extending our stay for a total of 8 nights. We had our own porch overlooking some rice terraces, with an unlimited supply of coffee and tea. The guesthouse also delivered breakfast every morning to enjoy on our balcony while taking in the views.


Our balcony in Ubud

Relaxing on the Sandbar in Nusa Dua

There was a sandbar right off the shore in Nusa Dua, where we relaxed everyday in the warm waters. We were also able to catch a glimpse of some sea life, like starfish, sea slugs, and fishies. It was a perfect beach bum location.


The beautiful sandbar in Nusa Dua


Robert walking out to sea!


Laying on the sandbar

Treating Ourselves in Legian


the rooftop pool

We spent our last 4 days in Bali treating ourselves in Legian. After spending a month and a half in budget accommodation, we decided to splurge at a hotel with buffet breakfast and a rooftop pool. We spent the days lounging on the beach with ice cold beers, and the nights watching spectacular sunsets.


Ordering room service at midnight


Beers on the beach

3 Weeks in Bali

Spectacular sunsets in Legian, Bali

Stuffing Ourselves Full of Delicious Food

The food in Bali was both cheap and mouthwateringly delicious. Balinese dishes are fragrant and spicy, and even non balinese meals were easy on the wallet.


Ayum bakar kalas


Nasi Goreng


Bahn Mi


Chinese pork buns


Chicken Sate


Chili lime chicken

While Bali was different than we imagined it would be, we still had a lot of memorable experiences and we’re so glad we went. Three weeks was the perfect amount of time for us. If you’ve ever been to Bali, how did you like it?

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