1 Month in Thailand…Just Wasn’t Enough

There was just something about Thailand that we can’t quite put our fingers on. We spent a whole month in Thailand, and there is so much more we still want to see and places we want to visit. Our month in Thailand followed a pretty common route, so next time we want to visit some of the places off the beaten track.

1 Month in Thailand

Traffic in Bangkok

Bangkok – 2 Nights

We flew into Bangkok after 20+ hours of traveling from LAX, and opted to take the skytrain from the airport and walk to our hotel. As luck would have it, it started pouring down rain on us, and by the time we arrived at our hotel we were completely soaked. 

We visited Wat Pho, which is a lot cheaper, less busy, and just as awe-inspiring to see as the Grand Palace. We were also able to take a boat cruise down the river canals and get lost meandering the narrow alleys of Chinatown.


Wat Pho


Wat Pho

We found one of the best spots to eat in Bangkok, Terminal 21! It’s a food court in a 7 story mall, full of dishes ranging between 35 – 50 baht.


At Terminal 21


Eating mango and sticky rice

Ayutthaya – 1 Night

On our 3rd day, we decided to take the third class train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya for only 30 baht, the equivalent of less than $1. It was hot and cramped, but it was a bargain and we arrived in no time. 

1 Month in Thailand

3rd class train, It looks empty now but it sure fills up fast!

Ayutthaya is a sight to see, and it’s amazing to see the vast amount of ruins still here from centuries ago. We rode bicycles around the old city, and were adopted by a dog who literally followed us around the whole day.

1 Month in Thailand1 Month in Thailand

1 Month in Thailand

Ayutthaya ancient ruins

1 Month in Thailand

Ayutthaya ancient ruins

1 Month in Thailand

Dinner on the riverside in Auytthaya

Chiang Mai – 8 Nights

We took the night train up north to Chiang Mai, a 13 hour ride, where we slept on bunks in a cabin with 2 other people. It’s definitely the most economical way to travel, and we met a lot of really nice people along the way. 

In Chiang Mai we went zip lining, took a cooking class, and had a relaxing Thai Massage. We also rented bikes one day, which happened to be the nation wide biking event for the king. We were even invited by a group of bikers to join their biking group around the city.


Ziplining in Chiang Mai


Riding bikes


Getting a massage


Taking a cooking class

1 Month in Thailand

Amazing breakfast in Chiang Mai at Breakfast World.

Koh Lanta – 8 Nights

We could have easily spent a couple more weeks here, and our stay at Pinky Bungalows could not have been more relaxing. We either walked to the beach or hung out by the pool almost everyday, and enjoyed drinking cocktails at sunset by the water.

1 Month in Thailand

Cocktails on the beach

1 Month in Thailand

A deserted beach in Koh Lanta

1 Month in Thailand

The beautiful beaches of Koh Lanta

1 Month in Thailand

Swimming at Pinky Bungalows

1 Month in Thailand

Sunset on Koh Lanta

We rented a motorbike for 3 days and drove around the whole island. We hiked to a waterfall, stopped at beaches all along the west coast, and hung out in Old Lanta town.

1 Month in Thailand

Our GoPro definitely came in handy when we were swimming on Koh Lanta

1 Month in Thailand

Hiking to the waterfall

1 Month in Thailand

Good view point in Koh Lanta


Koh Phangan – 2 Nights

Although we originally planned on staying for 5 nights and spending Christmas here, things didn’t go quite right. It was pouring down rain, and our hotel was pretty awful. More on this to come.

Bangkok – 5 Night

It felt great being back in Bangkok! We love the hustle and bustle of the city, and by the end, we had pretty much mastered public transportation. We walked around the Chatuchak weekend market, had a wonderful Christmas, and visited Lumphini Park. We also stumbled upon the Patpong Night Bazzar (on accident!), where it seemed every other person was trying to sell us a “ping pong show”.

1 Month in Thailand

MRT Station in Bangkok

1 Month in Thailand

Posing at Lumpini Park

1 Month in Thailand

The craziness of Chatuchak Weekend Market. We cannot even begin to explain how massive this market is.

We couldn’t believe how fast our time in Thailand went, and can’t wait to go back! Check out our video recap of our month in Thailand.

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